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One of my friends over at /r/AnimeSketch is now opening up for commissions!
If you have an original character you'd like drawn, be sure to check him out!


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It feels like a common theme for me is to return for like an hour then disappear for months. Anyway, I'll try to be more active (for real!) starting today.

I've somehow managed to become a mod of /r/AnimeSketch on reddit, so if you like drawing manga, be sure to check it out! I'll put a link down below. We have a small community of a little over 4000 members as of writing this, so it's not really difficult to get noticed ^^
We don't bite too hard, so join us!
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When was the last time I submitted something? It's been a couple of months now I think :S
I don't know man, I just didn't feel like drawing at all during those months. I've been sketching a lot, but never anything proper.

Then, two days ago, my friend wanted to interview my for the newspaper about my drawings. I panicked because I didn't have anything good to show them so I just sat down and drew the Holo drawing.
There's still another drawing I have to do for a friend, but after that, I'm thinking about taking requests since I have no ideas at all at the moment.
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Okay, so final exams are finally over, so I had some time to draw today!
It's not ready yet, but here's a video where I draw the lines:…

[Update 6/2-13]
Alright, as promised, here's the coloring video!…
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Okay, so I still don't have much spare time to draw right now because of exams.
The good news is that I'll be finished with that by the end of next week!

To compensate for the lack of new content, here's a short video of me sketching in SAI:…
So :iconichan-desu: has become like my favorite artist of all time, and seeing his art made me want to go back to my roots, so to speak, meaning cel shading.

From the very beginning, Kyoto Animation has been a big source of inspiration, I don't know how much you can tell anymore, since my art style has been fluctuating wildly.
I don't know exactly what made me switch to soft shading, but apparently it started with my first Miku drawing.

Anyway, from now on, I think I'll do cel shading primarily, as seen on this practice piece:
Cel shading by arkazain
Well, I finally did draw a guy - Link (surprise!).

Only one thing though... it looks like horsedung.
No, but seriously though. Lately, I feel like I've kind of lost my art style and I don't even know what I'm doing anymore :(
I'll need to figure out what to do.

Oh, and if you really want to see the drawing of Link, it's available on my Twitter:…

I also decided to record myself drawing it in SAI, if anyone wanted to see that:…
Yeah, pretty much what the title says!
Gonna try and draw some OoT Link sometime :)
But at the moment, I'm taking some time off and practicing on different techniques to further improve my drawings! So don't expect anything soon!
Alright! From today, I'm gonna start doing commissions!
Since I'm just starting out, I'll only draw waist up, such as these:
Taken 3 featuring Zelda by arkazain DarthJuggerNaughtIV and co. by arkazain Zelda's guilty pleasure by arkazain


Commission spots:

1. :icondarthjuggernaughtiv:    Finished!

2. :iconbrocklol:     Finished!

3. :iconbrocklol:    Finished!


(Prices in USD)

= (Un-colored) sketches:
 ~$1.50/per character (max. 3)
   Transparent .png will be provided.

= Sketch with flat colors:
 ~$2.50/per character (max. 3)

= Lineart:
 ~$4.75/per character (max. 2)
   Transparent .png will be provided.

= Lineart with flat colors:
 ~$5.75/per character (max. 2)

= Full colored drawing (lineart + colors & shading):
 ~$8/per character (max. 2)

(Final price will vary on complexity)



- I will accept payment via PayPal
- I will start with the drawing as soon as I have received half the payment.
- Images will be 300 ppi.
- Image references are preferred, otherwise, don't be disappointed if it doesn't look like you wanted it to look like :)
- No deadlines
   - I usually only draw during the weekend because of school, so depending on when you commission me, a drawing can take from one day up to a week (depending on complexity of course)
- I'm not obligated to take all requests and will turn it down if I don't feel comfortable doing it.


What I WON'T draw:

- Non-humans (furries for example)
- Detailed backgrounds
- Nudity

(For any questions, feel free to send me a note!)


To order, simply send me a note detailing which type of drawing you want along with references (if possible) and details on the drawing itself (pose etc) and your email address, and I'll respond!
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Oh man, oh man, oh man!
Thanks a lot for supporting me, it really means a lot!
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I uploaded three days worth of drawings, but now I've decided to put them in my scraps instead. I don't really feel like they belong in my main gallery, since they're basically glorified sketches.
To be honest, I'm not really sure I'm gonna continue uploading them at all, since I'm not using my "traditional" manga style.
Actually yeah, that sounds good. I'm calling it quits on the challenge here on dA, though I'll upload them on my FB for my friends to see, I just don't feel like it's appropriate here :)

/Pretends that someone is reading lol
Right now, I'm taking a long hard look at the art style I use right now, and thinking if it's good as it is, or if I can evolve it somehow, so to all my new watchers, sorry, but you'll have to wait until my next piece!
I need to get more comfortable with this art style, and who knows, some drastic changes could happen.
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